This Five Year Watershed Action Plan was made possible by a grant from
the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs:

         John Clarkeson, Watershed Initiative coordinator, EOEA

         Vandana Rao, Massachusetts Water Policy coordinator, EOEA

The following people contributed to this Action Plan. Many others also contributed and we acknowledge their contribution despite omitting their names here.

         State Sen. Jarrett Barrios, Middlesex/Suffolk/Essex district

         The Beverly Conservation Commissioners office

         Bill Blanchard, Economist, Mass Dept. of Agricultural Resources

         Todd Callaghan, CZM

         Revere City Council President Mark Casella

         Bradford C. Chase, Marine Fisheries Biologist, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

         James Comeau, DCR

         Conservation Commissioners represented on 8 Towns and the Bay

         Cindy Delpapa, DFG Riverways Program

         Lawrence Gil. Former North Coastal Watersheds Team Leader

         Kathryn Glenn, CZM North Shore Regional Office and SRWC

         Rob Gough, Salem Sound Coastwatch

         Representative Mary E. Grant, Sixth Essex District

         Doug Heath, Friends of Lake Quannapowitt

         Julie Keane, CZM

         Joan LeBlanc, Program Director, SRWC

         Renee Mary, Wenham Lake Watershed Association member

         Amy Maxner, Beverly Conservation Commissioner

         Mark McQueen, National Resource Conservation Service, USDA

         Cynthia Mom, Assistant Director of Land Stewardship, Essex County Greenbelt Association, Inc.

         Dominique Pahlavan, Mass GIS and EOEA

         Peter Phippen, 8 Towns and the Bay

         Tim Purinton, Massachusetts Audubon Society North Shore Chapter

         Christine Rasmussen, Ward 5 Councilor, City of Gloucester, and Buy Fresh coordinator

         Neil Rossman, candidate for Swampscott Selectman

         William F. Scanlon, Jr., Mayor of Beverly

         Max Schenk, Conservation Commissioner and Eight Towns & the Bay Gloucester representative

         Arthur Screpetis, MA-DEP

         Barbara Warren, Salem Sound Coastwatch

         Jan Schlichtmann, Wenham Lake Watershed Association

The following people constituted the production team for the Action Plan and the associated video:

         David Drain, Engineer, Perot Systems Government Services

         Jesse Gordon, Senior Analyst, Perot Systems Government Services Environmental Information Division
Contact information:, (781) 544-0241,, (617) 320-6989

         Erica Rosen, PSGS web designer

         Allison Ruda, Yellow Kitchen Productions videography

         Michael Thompson, GIS Analyst, Perot Systems Government Services

         Mike Toomey, Mass Aquatic Resource Education Program and Strategic Cable Alliance "WaterFronts"


[1] BioMap Guiding land conservation for biodiversity in Massachusetts NH&ESP, MDF&W 2001.

[2] MA DEQE 1989

[3] See The Marine Resources of Salem Sound 1997, published 2002 by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. Abstract and contact information at

[4] Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council survey, referred to as MAPC survey. The MAPC area includes 101 towns with overlap to NCW. The MAPC survey was conducted on-line within NCW via the Salem News and the Gloucester Times. The partial survey results were downloaded as of May 20, 2004, prior to survey completion, to meet publication deadlines. 767 people responded from NCW towns. A table of the downloaded results appears in Appendix M.

[5] excerpted from Changes in the Land, W. Cronon, 1983

[6] which is tied to the aforementioned Massachusetts Ecological Regions Project: Griffith, Glenn E. et al., for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Corvallis, 1994

[7] LeRoy et al, 1997, Richter et al 1996

[8] Larry Gil, communication of June 29 2004

[9] Mass Audubon estimates seven to fifteen acres lost per day, based on the 1997-2002 census, in its publication Losing Ground. The 2002 Census of Agriculture estimates up to 32 acres per day loss, based on somewhat different criteria.

[10] Contacts include Marc MacQueen, Soil Conservationist, USDA NRCS, 15 Cranberry Highway, West Wareham, MA 02576. Tel: (508) 295-1481 x 113 and Laurence N. Boutiette, Jr., P.E., USDA NRCS, 52 Medical Arts Building, Suite 100, 52 Boyden Rd., Holden, MA 01520-2587. Tel: (508) 829-4477 x 116.

[11] NRDC Kings County study

[12] Massachusetts Year 2002 Integrated List of Waters, Part 2 Final Listing of Individual Categories of Waters -- CN: 125.2, September 2003 -- available at

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